Ela Golebiewska – Award winning Journalist and US Correspondent

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Freelance journalist Ela Golebiewska is one of the 8 winners of 2011 journalism award granted by the Poland’s Speaker of the House (Marszałek Sejmu). The annual award honors Polish journalists from all over the world.

Ela is a freelance journalist currently based in Chicago, USA. Her work has appeared in both local and international publications, including Your Style Magazine, the best-selling monthly and most popular magazine for women in Poland (www.styl.pl) and the Angora Weekly Review (www.angora.com.pl). She is also a regular contributor to Polvision TV and Polsat International TV. Ela used to work as an anchor at Polish Radio 1030 in Chicago.

Ela speaks fluently Polish and English and has a working knowledge of German and Russian.

Ela is a generalist, but has settled on a few areas of concentration that combine personal interest and expertise: celebrity interviews, media and entertainment, travel and current events. Ela is always on the lookout for new and interesting writing opportunities. She is currently available for commissions in and around Poland and USA and for travel further afield. Feel free to contact her at elagol@gmail.com

e-mail: elagol@gmail.com
phone: 972-974-1075